What makes a great gift?

We’re interested to know what makes a great gift. We asked 240,000 parents: Is there a childhood gift that you still think about?

67% said yes. When we asked parents to describe what they received, a pattern emerged: Adults most often remembered experiences and tools that helped them become who they are and what they love to do.

“Watercolors and acrylics paints. It led me to really enjoy drawing and becoming a huge part of who I am today.”

“I got a set of tools to take apart things when I was 8. It was special because it let me know that you could build things with your hands vs buying something.”

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PS. Here were some other responses we loved:

“My father made me a desk which was a great work station to do my homework for years.”

“A diary with a lock. It was special because as a young teen, it was a celebration of me becoming my own person with my own thoughts and dreams.”

“The love of reading. My father would regularly take me to old second hand book stores and would always let me buy as many books as I wanted. I developed my love of reading and an active imagination from those days, which i have passed on to my own children.”

“My parents gave us a scavenger hunt one year that led to $75 for us to spend on whatever we wanted. My sister and I had been saving up for ice skates and we were so excited to finally be able to afford them. We wore them out that whole winter.”

“I received a set of encyclopedias that I used for YEARS and read about everything and transported me to new worlds!”

“Piano Lessons. Because my parents saw and nurtured a desire/talent of mine, though it was a very expensive gift for our budget.”

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