What’s your favorite thing your kids have given you?

We have hundreds of thousands of families in our community and it struck us that it sure would be special to learn more about their holidays and traditions.

We asked 250,000 parents, “What’s your favorite thing your kids have given you?”

Here are some of our favorites. We’d love to hear from you, too – please add your answer in the comments below.

Last year my son gave me a magic wand and a book of spells which he had memorized so that when I would cast the spell of nonsense words, he would react appropriately
They gave me a birthday party and made all the gifts. One knitted, another did woodworking, etc. It’s my favorite because they planned it a month in advance which is an eternity for a kid.
Breakfast in bed (that fell on the way into the room so was covered in cat hair)
My child made a conversation jar. It is a beautifully decorated jar and on the inside are conversation prompts (things like if you could meet a famous person, who and why/would you rather live in the past or the future/etc). We use it at the dinner table. It is beautiful and thoughtful and gets good conversations going with guests.
Hand drawn picture of what she thinks she’ll look like when she is grown
A binder full of my own recipes. I type or collect and print a lot of recipes, and for most of their lives I had an ever-changing messy stack of these papers in the kitchen. A couple of years ago they got me a big binder full of page protectors, made divider-tab-pages for various sections, and sorted all my recipes into it. On each tab page they glues photos of me or of fancy meals I’d made that suited the section. What meant the most to me was that I felt seen. They saw how I love to cook for them; they saw my heap of recipes; they saw how they could help, and they made it extremely personal. I use it almost every day, but I still cry when it reminds me that my love and effort as their mother does not go unnoticed.
A plant. It was be first time my 9 year old autistic son specifically thought of me to give me a gift all by himself.
We’d love to know your answer, too! Please share in the comments below.

One thought on “What’s your favorite thing your kids have given you?

  1. A dead newt! My son has always understood I like nature and unusual things. He had found the very much alive newt on the way to school. He kept it in his trouser pocket all day, patting it gently to make sure it was OK. He took great joy in presenting it to me when he got home from school. Sadly, he was mortified to find that it had dried out and died. A lesson in care. No matter how much someone or something is looked after and loved, everyone makes mistakes.

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