We asked kids, “What do you dream of doing?”

We’re proud to say that the way we approach learning and education at JAM is largely due to the feedback we get from both parents and kids.  Last year, we sent out surveys and questionnaires to both parents and members who took part in DIY Camps.  We loved hearing your insights about features you’d like to see and courses you’re most excited about and are happy to say that we’ve been working hard this year to deliver that promise.

In this segment we asked kids the age-old question, “What do you dream of doing?”  Here are some of the most popular answers, as well as hints into this year’s course offerings 😉

“I want to be an actor, I want to finish my novel, and publish it, and act in the movie made of it. I’d like to be a DJ, and 80’s singer.” – 14 years old

“To be quite honest, a dream of mine is to be an engineer of some type when I’m older. I want to be able to work on some super awesome, and inventive stuff. I want to be able to push the boundaries and make something that could help shape the future.

I know it sounds really cheesy and all, but I’d love to be able just to build and learn about a bunch of scientific stuff everyday.” – 14 years old

“I want to become somewhat know for my drawing when I’m older. And my jobs I would like to be a marine biologist, someone that helps animals, wildlife photogropher, work at Cartoon Network, illistrate” – 12 years old

“My goal is to become a storyboard artist for an animation company. I would also like to compose my own music, learn several instruments, and love what I do.”- 14 years old

“Become a world wide famous singer and actor be a role model be the best school leader i can be. Thats a few things on my bucket list.” – 11 years old

“I want to be a fantasy author and have a gaming YouTube channel. maybe set a world record for most books read before the age of 20 or something like that.” – 11 years old

A big thank you to all of the kids and members who made this year’s course offerings possible. We’re almost ready to launch, stay tuned!

A first look at our new JAM course: Become a Pro Chef 👀

Summer 2016 is rolling around, just in time for our new line-up of online courses. Here’s a sneak peak before the big launch.


Become a Pro Chef with Casey Engelman

Casey Engelman graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and is a chef in Chicago. In her course, Jammers cook their own menu of appetizers, main dishes and desserts – everything they needs to open a pop-up restaurant at home.

See Casey’s JAM course


5 Introductory Tools to Programming #CoolTools

Have you been toying with the idea of learning how to program but don’t know how to get started?  Check out these introductory tools to help you begin to think like a programmer. Figure out how a computer works, instruct computers to performs tasks, create your first game, and more.


Scratch: One of the easiest ways to get started with programming is to remix someone else’s already existing program. Remix a project using this free programming language called Scratch. You can build games, animations, music videos, and more.


Minecraft: Use blocks to build just about anything you can imagine in a virtual world. Discover engineering concepts, architecture, mathematics, as well as critical thinking skills and teamwork.


Develop a Game: Game Devs create the code, art, and sound that make a video game playable. They make interactive experiences! Get started on creating your first game with these helpful tools.


Remix a Website: Never seen the insides of a website? Use Hackasaurus to hack your favorite website to have it look and do whatever you want!


Run a Node.js Server: Backend Devs write scripts for servers which communicate with the apps and websites we all use. We’re the masters of fast responses and requests. With Node.js, you can mimic the back and forth request/response your browser sends to servers when you visit a website. Set up your first development environment.